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Using WordPress As A Content Management System

by / Friday, 06 March 2015 / Published in Content Management System

There’s been talk about using WordPress into the domains of a full fledged content management system or CMS, past the normal site setup. Yet, most folks don’t have any clue how this is possible.

I must stress the default WordPress applications is designed to be a blogging tool, thus in the event you are attempting to get it work like another kind of content management tool you will need to make use of the right plugins (improvements) and have the a clear notion of what you would like to reach.

While the precise step by step approach of the range of the particular article, lets investigate a few of the methods you’ll be able to use WordPress, as I’ve done before.

1) WordPress as A Post Directory

To make WordPress work as an article directory, you will require a source for the posts, as well as a unique plugin. is the best tool for this, as the posts there are generally human-approved. In addition they support free supply of their posts to other post websites.

You must sign up for Post Marketer’s distribution list as soon as you’ve set up the WordPress plugin. By filling in their own form and setting the types (select all classes or), you automatically qualify to receive new posts and old which are submitted to

Yet, with WordPress as an article directory, you will just have the capacity to receive articles that are syndicated. Writers will not be able to sign up or create an account with you. It is also against’s terms or service to support writers to sign up directly with you.

It’s possible for you to set-up a paid or free membership website using WordPress. All it takes is simple plugins to get the occupation done. Members should login to your website to be able to see the content as soon as you have installed the plugins.

Users can signup in the shape of new blog posts in your website and area classifieds. They are able to even set expiry dates for their advertisements and define listings or “desired” advertisements.

Nevertheless, you may have to create all the groupings that are required and even produce a signup info page to instruct your users the best way to put advertisements. The upside of utilizing WordPress as a classifieds website is you can additionally use labeling approaches to get traffic from sites and social bookmarking websites like

Utilizing the membership plugins mentioned previously or’s WordPress compatibility plugins, you can develop a membership website with WordPress. Subsequently, all you must do would be to add the “Podpress” plugin which takes good care of all sound and video components in your web site.

You are going to have the ability to show and FLV video or stream MP3 sound using their built in players. The Podpress plugin also lets you pin down setting on iTunes and is very robust, in order to make this accessible to the whole iPod / iTunes and commercially community.

There is a great deal of chances when now comes to using WordPress to the extreme, as you are able to observe by it.

I have created an entire video training system and advanced marketers equally master WordPress.

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