Website Development

A web site whether created by a company (for company purposes) by an individual for private motives or represents its own owner’s picture. This fact makes it even more significant to really have a great site regarding both appearances and utility.

The web has come quite a distance from its first days when it was just a treasure house of knowledge and info. Now the Internet is among the very most significant advertising tools accessible to a small business that supplies access to a global market to it.

The world wide web gives a common platform for sellers and buyers to socialize and meet their individual needs. So, together with the site becoming quite critical for the company, increasingly more significance has been got by the procedure for web site development as compared to several years back.
Web development denotes the procedure for creation of a web site. The web developer can in fact be called the website’s inventor.

Web development primarily relates to the specialized part of web site creation.

There is a web developer in fact the technical guy who’s consistently behind the scenes but is the person who really makes things occur. Web development includes a team of people that carry out wonderfully so the web site is entire the many jobs and in the end put all the bits together and functions efficiently.

A few of the jobs which must be coped with by a web development team contain customer- server programming coding, and getting the server setup right. A web developer must be well versed with the various languages.

The introduction of a website calls for processes and numerous complex measures unlike what it seems to a visitor.

The web developer of what the final end product has to work backwards to determine the many different tools and will look like (such as the many languages) for attaining the desired outcomes that must be utilized. The web developer has to be fully in charge of the problem and ought to know the website inside out and should have difficulties or the answers to each of the customer’s queries.

The web developer shouldn’t only be smooth with all of the specialized facets of his occupation so that he can use his knowledge to include all of the necessities of the customer and eventually supply a fantastic web site, he should have an element of imagination.


  1. Hey there, great video. But I’m confused. Much of what I’m writing in
    Sublime is showing up highlighted in pink and doesn’t work when I refresh
    the browser window. Is there a reason why I’m getting this? Thank you. I’ve
    tried rebuilding it over and over but I can’t fix it. The syntax is
    definitely set to HTML. 

  2. I’ve taken html classes a few years back and haven’t really used the
    knowledge but I saw how web developers are making money and I’m like “hey,
    I can do that!” so i went and looked for tutorials to refresh my memory. i
    have been to booooring videos before, no offense, they meant well but yours
    is simple, concise and straight to the point. Thank You and keep making
    awesome videos!!

  3. Hi thank you..great video…i want to ask …how to find my html
    coding(sublime text) back after reopen my file…i open my file it only
    shows the result of my coding and the coding (sublime text) it seem do not

  4. Hi there,

    Thank you for knowledge on web design and sharing it with us! I have one
    issue when creating my website. I would like a portrait orientated website.
    I would like to have a background image and then on top of that a
    background colour. As you can see on this website:
    they have a background image and then content in the middle of the page.
    How could I create that? I’ve been trying to do it but I just can’t get the
    image behind the content. 

  5. Hi Will!
    First of all, I’d like to thank you for this awesome work you are doing,
    sharing lots of information and knowledge from your personal experience,
    which seems incredibly professional and thorough. I really wanted you to
    know how grateful I am for this.
    I’ve been watching some of your videos and trying to do some (newb) stuff
    on my own. I love how you can preview your code in real time. If it’s not
    much trouble, can you please explain or share with me a tutorial on how to
    set Sublime to do this with any browser?
    Thanks in advance. Have a good one.

  6. What is the benefit of learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript and back-end stuff
    like PHP if there are such great template-based websites out there like Wix
    and WordPress?

  7. Hi, greeting from Indonesia!. i think this tutorial is very nice and
    helpful. btw i have a question, i typed exactly the same as you did but
    when i tried to preview my index.html file in my chrome, the text didn’t
    appear at all. would you please help me? :)

  8. Im going to sound stupid here, but when he opened it on chrome, I couldnt
    find how? On Windows, I have donwloaded sublime and saved an empty file
    with html, now what do i do?

  9. ok, so now my “img” is just a little square with a tiny fold in the upper
    right hand corner. still no image

  10. For some reason I can run my html files. Their save as .html, but
    afterwards I configure python for sublime, I can’t seem to run html files
    at all. Help.

  11. one question: I’m very concerned about the spaces between the tags, html,
    body, item, and image. I wonder do you have to manually hold space to set
    it at a good distance or is there some trick to just let the spacing done

  12. I am studying in a University and the class is so boring. You gave me the
    start I needed. Thank you so much. 😀 (Y)

  13. How are you running your html as you type it?? i don’t know how to run my
    html and css from sublime text!! any help would be great.

  14. Awesome quick tutorials. Try to create my startup web page using your
    tutorials. I’ll be sure to post a link of what I learn. Thanks! 

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